My articles

Here is a list of articles written by me, but published in a third-party medium, enjoy!

My Articles

Here is a list of articles written by me, but published in a third-party medium (blog, magazine, etc). Enjoy!

How important can feedback be_.png

How important can feedback be?

A small piece about the relevance of giving feedback to your colleagues and how we do it @ Globant.

Published: Sep 19, 2018



The evolution of systems integration

Read how technology has evolved since the first time two systems needed to be integrated and how we got to where we are now..

Published: Aug 30, 2018


In this article, we'll look at some examples of using promises in Node.js and discuss things like dealing with multiple parallel promises at once. 

Published: Jun 5, 2018


Fault Tolerance Is Not High Availability

These terms are not interchangeable. Learn about the ins and outs of fault tolerance to highlight the differences between the two concepts.

Published: Jun 3, 2018


The Four Horsemen of the Test Suite

Learn to understand stubs, mocks, spies, and dummies as they are used in software testing suites and examples of how they are useful.


Published: May 19, 2018



This developer wanted further clarification on how an event loop works. Check out what his research resulted in for a better understanding. 


Published: May 15, 2018


Full-text search engines like Solr, Xapian, and Sphinx make the daily data chaos on your hard disk searchable – and they even cooperate with relational databases.


Published: 2013

Publisher:  Linux Magazine