REST API design 2nd edition

I've been contacted by the great falks at to work on the second edition of my first book: Pro REST API Design with Node.js (which is turning 3 years old already!). I loved working on that book, but truth be told, I left some important bits out, simply because of my lack of experience on writing. Lucky for me, the few readers who took the time to write reviews out there, pointed some of them out, so the plan with this second edition is to:

1- Writing about topics such as Testing your application, Actions on REST and probably Deploying your application into production.

2- I'll re-write all code samples to comply with ES6, since everything I wrote back then was ES5

3- I'll also be updating the list of modules under review. I'll try to curate that list, keeping the relevant ones, updating their information and if needed, adding new ones.

With any luck, the final product will be an even better overview of REST and it will help developers create #RESTful services even easier and more complete than ever. #lookingforward #writing


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